Mobile Automation with Appium

Wednesday 11 October 2017

  • 09:30-17:30
  • The Crowne Plaza Berlin

At this workshop you will learn how to get started with automating Android with Appium. We’ll learn how to capture elements in Ruby using irb (interactive Ruby), writing a test with rspec. Once we have our tests established, we’ll then go into setting up a mobile device grid. Running the tests in parallel, distributed, and capturing critical report data (logs, screenshots, and video). We will also run some examples against a cloud testing service.

Outline/structure of the session

Getting Started

  • Connecting android emulators to appium
  • Finding elements needed to write tests.
  • Creating solid tests
  • Capturing critical test data. (logs, screenshots, video)


  • Generating Allure report with captured metadata.

Grid Setup

  • Getting the needed information about devices
  • Starting a selenium Grid Hub
  • Connecting emulators (nodes) to the Hub

Running tests on the Grid

  • Running tests in parallel
  • Running tests distributed
  • Running tests on a cloud service

Learning outcome

Attendees will come away with knowledge of how to automate android native apps with Appium. Getting started with setting up a Android mobile device grid. Running tests single threaded, in parallel, and distributed. Also capturing critical report data (logs, screenshots, and video), and running mobile tests on a cloud test service.

Justin Ison

Justin Ison

Automation Architect Consultant at Isonic LLC
€399 + VAT

About Justin Ison

Justin is Automation Architect Consultant for Isonic LLC. Previously, he was a senior software engineer at Microsoft working on the Wunderlist app. He has over seventeen years experience working on Software Quality, with the last six primarily developing server, web and mobile test automation. He is passionate about test automation and loves finding new efficient and effective ways to improve software quality with software.

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