Getting Started with Selenium

Wednesday 11 October 2017

  • 09:30-17:30
  • The Crowne Plaza Berlin

Wanting to get into WebDriver, but don’t know where to start? Then this class is for you, we will learn all the basics and more, to give you a real foundation to start your Selenium WebDriver journey.

In this session we will familiarise ourselves with the core features of the WebDriver API.

  • Open different browsers
  • Finding solid factors for elements
  • Interacting with elements
  • Taking screenshots
  • Waits

This part of the session will give you all you need to start creating some automated tests for your business, exercising functionality in the browser that matters to your business.

We will then explore some popular patterns used in writing maintainable browser automation, such as the driver factory and the Page Object pattern. On top of this we will also explore approaches for executing these tests, running them in parallel and exploring how you could run them on a Continuous Integration server, or in the cloud.

This practical, hands on, course will benefit all experience levels of programming, all attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list on how they can successfully use the WebDriver API in their context.


  • How to explore a web application in the context of automating it
  • Identify browsers to automate
  • Picking an appropriate language for your context
  • Working examples of the basic WebDriver interactions
  • Working code on different browsers and how to use cloud providers
  • Designs patterns to produce highly maintainable automated tests
  • How to navigate the Selenium landscape to find information on your own


  • You will need to bring a laptop to the workshop
  • A week ahead of the workshop you will be emailed instructions for preparing your machine for the workshop

Andrew Krug

Andrew Krug

Chief Executive Octopus at Lazy Coder
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About Andrew Krug

Andrew Krug found his calling early on in his career -- test automation. He got his start at Ceridian HCM where he was a Quality Test Engineer working on a variety of projects; anywhere from large scale intranet upgrades to new feature development for Business Intelligence and Health Care initiatives. Since then he has held more positions in test automation. During his journey he has built test automation infrastructures at scale for both desktop browsers and mobile devices. Andrew is now currently consulting about automation, software development practices and utilizing the cloud to improve businesses at Lazy Coder.

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